Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wrap it up

From bloggers to celebrities, turbans are the “in” thing at the moment and boy are we loving this trend.

There are many many ways that you can rock it, so read below to check out the different styles and play around until you find a style that works for you…

1. You could go full on. That means covering your whole head in fabric. Choose a fabric that’s big enough and make sure that it doesn’t clash with your oufit, as it is quite an accessory. After that, wrap the fabric around your head. Play around with different shapes and sizes, until you’re satisfied. The bigger you fabric is – the bigger your turban will be and vice versa. Images Courtesy: hauteonamission.onsugar.com, jazzabelletresses.com and glamour.com

2. If the big turban isn’t for you then, you can go a simpler route, with a smaller piece of fabric. You can wrap the fabric over your head and tie it in front, either with a bow or a knot. This looks really cute if you leave a little bit of hair out of the fabric in the front.Images Courtesy: lastatus.com, collegefashion.net and curlynugrowth.tumblr.com

3. If you’re not fully committed to the look, then a simple headwrap is for you. Just use a small piece of fabric and tie it in the front of your head… still revealing the top of your hair though. You can choose to do a knot or a bow, its up to you.Images Courtesy: favim.com, facehunter.com

4. If the wrapping thing isn’t working for you, there are actually a few turbans that are already wrapped and ready to wear as hats. They’re also uber cute so look out for them…

Image Courtesy: fashionfactsfolio.com

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