Friday, April 27, 2012

Beautiful Woman

Cassa Fashion Advertorial

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New Arrivals * ASOS Inspired*

Fashion Design Sketches

Fashion Design Sketches
Fashion Design Sketches

How to wear a jewel encrusted maxi dress

Just go simple
The dress has a very heavy pattern with lots of other details so you don't need to add much to it!
I just went for all black accessories 

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Friday Shopping

Vintage bags

Lace batwing top
Colors available: White, Black
Cowl bare back top
Colors available: Grey, Black

Diamante bow necklace
Heart necklace

Floral blouse with lace trimmings
 Colors available: Black, Brown
Polka dot shirt
Colors available: Orange, Grey, Green

Skull bangle

Ipad clutch
Colors available: Purple, Beige, Green
*price inclusive of postage*

Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to wear a black dress to work

The LBD is perfect for work - its just so simple and easy.
Get up put it on and maybe add a bit of colour with shoes and bag and your ready to go!
Personally my favorite colour to add with a black dress is red but you could use colour and some more fun with some bight colour heals and a different colour bright bag for example

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Fashion for your Bump

File:Pregnant woman (1).jpgMany people assume that a woman’s wedding day is the best that she can look and women often spend hours planning how they will look and how their wedding day will pan out – they worry about everything from wedding favours to bridesmaid dresses and plan every last detail. However, often it is during pregnancy when women look their very best with glowing skin and hair from all those pregnancy hormones and yet no woman really plans their pregnancy style in advance.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you are now resigned to wearing frumpy tent like dresses and sensible shoes. However, when you become pregnant it is difficult to know what the best thing to wear is and women often wonder how is it possible to be stylish and gorgeous whilst carrying a bump.
That said being pregnant can be at time when women feel their most vulnerable and unattractive. With all these things in mind though today’s fashion retailers recognize that women need to find their own individual style during pregnancy, and as such they now tend to stay away from long smocks and shapeless outfits, as they know that each pregnant woman is beautiful and deserves to feel that way in what she wears.

Pregnancy Chic

Being pregnant and having a large pregnancy bump doesn’t happen overnight – it is of course a gradual process over 9 months and it is only the latter stages where women can become rather large. With a few handy hints though it is possible to carry off pregnancy chic, just like countless celebrity mums have done in recent years like Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman and even Madonna!

File:Anna-Kosali-12.jpgRemember to dress for your shape

As with all fashion dressing for your shape is always important in finding what is right for you. This doesn’t change when you become pregnant and no two pregnant women have the same shape so it is still just as important to shop around and try on different styles. It is also not a requirement to purchase a maternity wardrobe in one day – it is just as gradual as acquiring your regular wardrobe and even in the early days, weeks and often months your usual clothes will still fit you. Listen to your body and recognize when it is telling you it needs a little more room to move.

Good foundations

Again just like in regular fashion it is what’s underneath that counts. Having a good foundation with good underwear will help you feel comfortable. Choosing soft and breathable fabrics will ease your comfort levels and you will also need to ensure that you check your knickers and bras throughout your pregnancy to ensure you’re in the right size. Your body will be changing shape and you need undergarments that will support and flatter your best bits.

Don’t break the bank

As pregnancy is only temporary state you don’t need to spend the earth on a whole new wardrobe for 9 months, unless you can afford it of course. A few wardrobe staples will stand you in good stead without breaking the bank. A couple of pairs of great looking maternity jeans or trousers and a simple skirt will make a great start to your new wardrobe – these are things you can dress up or down with elements of your existing wardrobe.

Colour happy

Avoiding busy patterns and loud prints and going for more block colour will make your figure seem taller. It will elongate your body and give less focus on your bump. It will also mean your wardrobe would be good if you have another child as it won’t date as patterns and prints can.

Fancy footwear
File:Pregnant woman -abdomen-24Jan2010.jpg
Unfortunately a drawback of pregnancy is that high heels aren’t practical, particularly in your final trimester. High heels just don’t give you enough support as your centre of balance changes as your bump grows. Having said that there are plenty of funky flats and flattering sandals out there to help you look good but stay grounded too.

Feel fabulous

So being pregnant is no reason to hide yourself away, nor is it an excuse to lounge about in saggy tracksuits and your partners t-shirts. Granted you will have days when you feel like that but there is no reason why you can’t glam up your bump and rock your office, parties and family gatherings with your sense of style just as you always have.

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The King 2 Hearts OST Part. 3

The King 2 Hearts OST Part. 3 

Album/Single Title : The King 2 Hearts OST Part3
Artist/s : Lee Yoon Ji, J-Min, Super Kidd
Release Date : 2012.04.25
Genre : OST
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. 처음 사랑 - 이윤지 [배우]
02. 말 못하죠 - J-Min(제이민)
03. 내 맘대로 살꺼야 - 슈퍼키드(SuperKidd)

Cover The King 2 Hearts OST Part. 3

Lee Hwan Hee (Fwany) – Secret

Lee Hwan Hee (Fwany) – Secret 

이환희 (Fwany) – Secret
Release Date: 2012.04.25
Genre: Pop
Langauge: Korean
Bit Rate: 320kbps

Track List:
01. 비밀
02. 비밀 (Inst.)

SM TOWN – Dear My Family (I AM. OST)

SM TOWN – Dear My Family (I AM. OST)

SMTown – I AM. OST
Release Date: 2012.0424
Genre: OST
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: 320kbps

Track List:
01. Dear My Family
02. Dear My Family (inst.)

Download SM TOWN – Dear My Family (I AM. OST)

U-Kiss – DORADORA [6th Mini Album]

U-Kiss – DORADORA [6th Mini Album]



유키스(U-KISS) – 도라도라 (DORADORA)
Release Date: 2012.04.25
Genre: Ballad, Dance Pop
Languae: Korean
Bit Rate: 320kbps

Track List:
01. 도라도라 (DORADORA)
02. 4U (For You)
03. 사랑이 멈출 때
05. TICK TOCK (OUT OF TIME) (Korean ver.)
06. 도라도라 (DORADORA) (inst.)

Download U-Kiss – DORADORA [6th Mini Album]