Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Neutrogena Grapefruit Facial Wash REVIEW !

Hello dolls,
So today a review , a review of highly advertised Neutrogena face wash.
I actualy purchased it a while before all the commercials started to show up and it is indeed probably first face wash I have been using regularly in the mornings and evenings.
So it is a big bottle for those £5 and definitely worth it.
It promises to help with blemishes and spots and clean your skin nicely within a great smell of grapefruit.
So I think I will just point pluses and minuses for easier way to get the review :)

*smell , oh I love grapefruits and there is nothing better to wash your face while smelling something you love!
*it works! I see difference in my situation with skin and blackheads 
*it leaves skin feeling fresh and super clean
*it does not burn even when used on skin with acne and bruises
*the color is clear and nice , I know it sounds stupid but I just like when product looks nice and this one surely looks like a yummy grapefruit

*I have been using it for hmm about 3 weeks now and half of bottle is gone , maybe I am picky but maybe they just should make it more "pigmented" so it last longer. From other side , it is a twice a day use product.
*I have real dry skin , and when using this in the morning I feel like it does not help with my dry skin so I need loads of moisturizer.

 fI think that will be it for this quick post and what can I say , looking for a good daily face wash?

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash 

Let me know if you used it and how you liked it or are you planning too?
Also do you use any other good face wash that are maybe perfect for super dry skin?
Let me know dolls!

suzanne marie

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