Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello dolls,
So another day another post :)
Today I want to talk about creepers.
Ok , first time I have seen them I was like " What the hell?!" I thought they are ugly and I will never pull them off and just ew. But with time I have been thinking about purchasing those funky shoes , especially since spring is comming and I can not wear my loved wedges because of 8 month pregnant  bump I need a good alternative for some wedge like shoes instead of my lovely dr martens.
So I started searching for the ones I want and realized they sell for about average £90 pounds and most of them are suede. I do not want to pay for a plain black suede shoe £90! 
I like to investe in a good pair of shoes. My mum thought me to buy leather shoes that I like and will wear and that is what I have in my head and can not remember spending more than £20 on non leather shoe. 
So , there is so much creepers online and in shops now , even new look has one of them and they sell for a£69 I think. It is not worth it for me. Suede or even fake suede shoe that will soak when it rain and another pound thrown in a paddle. 
So I decided to go on amazon and see what they offer and that is how I ended up paying £27 for nice creepers and I hope I will be happy with them.

So these are the babies I purchased about 2 hours ago HERE.
So , I know one day I will find and buy full leather double sole ones that I really want but did not made up my mind yet what color or pattern I want. SO for now I decided to go with those and see how I like the whole idea of a creeper shoe.

(pictures taken from google)

So obviously once I will get the shoes I will do OOTD coz I bet I will wear them a lot , but for now I decided  to show you some looks I put together showing you how I would pair them with clothes since I know loads of people have some issues with that.
So here you go :)

So share your thoughts about creepers with me. Do you like them? want them? Or they are just plain ugly for your liking?

take care
suzanne marie

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