Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thandie Newton: Trends make me anxious

Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton's "palms sweat" when she thinks about following the latest trends.

The actress is famed for her natural beauty and understated style, and prefers to steer clear of fad fashions. Thandie thinks people should chose clothes that suit them, rather than sporting pieces just because they're in fashion.

"The idea of following trends makes my palms sweaty," she explained to People. "I think that we have all these wonderful things available, [and] you have to find whatever speaks to you in terms of style - something that allows you to then speak to the world."

Thandie is a mother of two. The 39-year-old star says her daily beauty routine is very low maintenance due to her chaotic schedule.

"If I'm getting ready for the school run and I look in the mirror and I just look exhausted, I will get some Julie Hewett cheek rogue," she revealed.

"I'll put that on the apples of my cheeks to make it look as though I've had a wonderful run in the morning - even though I haven't!"

The raven-haired star's no-nonsense approach to style and beauty also extends to the red carpet. Thandie sometimes does her own make-up and hair for public appearances.

"If my favourites are busy, or I'm in another country and they're not around, I'm doing my own," she smiled.

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