Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anna Sui - Night of Fancy /adorable - ANNA SUI BRAND!

Hello doll!
So today something I have not done before.
A perfume post , review call it as you like it.
Recently on mum's day I got this gorgous perfume from my mama.
I am a perfume girl but not because I love the smells , I am a big sucker if it comes to pretty packaging!
As you can tell this bottle is gorgeous! 
It is not just that pretty purple and flower detail but the lid is a peacock!
I do keep the bottles after perfume if they are pretty and 90% of the time get perfume without smelling them but just for the bottle so as you could probably guess as soon as I have seen those one I had to get one.
I never heard about Anna Sui the designer till few months ago in college when we had group presentations about chosen designers. Some of the girls chosen Anna Sui and I loved her clothing lines so next time when I was browsing perfume online I clicked on her label and that is how I got introduced to her perfume line.
I am really bad with describing smells myself so I will just show you what one of the websites describes it as :
"Night of Fancy invites all young women and all those who feel as such, to enjoy and investigate their wildest dreams and fantasies. Feel and experience the mysterious adventure of the successor of Flight of Fancy edition, in new nuances, magical and romantic violet!The perfume opens with fruity aromas of blueberry with accords of grapefruit leaves and wild strawberries. The heart hides secrets of Stephanotis - jasmine from Madagascar with Sambac jasmine absolute, while the base notes encompass accords of milkshake, olibanum and Cashmeran molecules."

And yes it is what is says , love the smell , the bottle and just everything! 
I am really looking forward to purchasing more of her perfume and as I talk about that I will show you rest of them with the names ,look at the pretty bottles!    

Flight of fancy
Live your dream

Sui Love


Forbidden Affair

Rock me

Rock me - summer of love

Sui dreams

Secret wish - magic romance

Secret wish 

Dolly girl

All of them look so magic  , make me feel like I want to collect them all!

So I am actually on Anna Sui's website right now and spotted she has make up collection too!

Woah I think I totally got excited about discovering all that make up! Need to find it online but is that packaging just not adorable?
Did you ever use it?
If yes do you recomennd it?
Or perfume?
Are you intrested?

I can not wait for your replay ,just itching to try those things out!
Take care dolls.

suzanne marie

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