Monday, April 9, 2012


Hello dolls,
So this post will be a update of what is happening and some stuff I just want to share with you.
Well as you may know from my past few posts or the lack of them I was in the process of moving in with my boyfriend to a new house. And finally , after long week of going back and forward, packing , unboxing and sorting the stuff out I am finally moved in with all my stuff. 
For next few days I will be still staying at home with my mum till my boyfriends back and then on friday we will finally start to "live" in our new home.
Due to my pregnancy I plan to finish college withing next 2 weeks so fingers crossed I will manage!
But my point is , I can not wait to blog more! There is so much fun posts , trends , OOTD I see on other blogs and I want to get back to everyday blogging and twitting it is so much fun! But as I said two weeks or less and then I am oficially signing into the "staying at home , chilling , waiting for a baby mode"
So since I do not need to worry about more hanging clothes in wardrobes , running up and downstairs with plates, cups , shoes and pictures I am more than glad to catch up with blogging world right now .
For now I will post few pictures taken by my phone over next few days to make this post more exciting.
Hope you all are doing great and stay tuned for some exciting posts , I hope ;)

So for the curious ones , what can you see on the pictures?
1.falling asleep to Desperate Housewifes with bottle of water with lemon in and munching on scons.
2. ready to sleep with my beloved dog
3.some cupcakes and cakes my lovely boyfriend bring in for his pregnant girlfriend
4.our lizards planking away new view from the kitchen window , garden + cows
6.easter eggs! love the vibrant colors
7.little monkey on my bed table that my love got for me - checks those fab eyes
8.hello kitty lamp with floating pink hearts inside
9.lovely pattern on babys bedding latest gift to myself - animal pillow
11.again ,kitchen window with some flowers
12.canvas we hang in the kitchen , finally HOME SWEET HOME !

suzanne marie 

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