Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BLUE LIPS?! amazing face mask and SAVE UP TO 25%

Hello dolls,
On my way to bus back from college I had 30 minutes to kill , so I decided to hop into superdrug and pick up some stuff , so I am going to share with you :)

I have been loving superdrug mask for a while now. They are just a 99p each and on offer 4 for 3.
Try not to tell me it is not a bargain! 
It is not the price that I went after but holy moly they are sooo goood.
I picked up 8 of them, all the kinds.
I got:

*two Peel off face mask - Pomegranate & Cranberry 
(cleanses , purifies and protects)
*Cooling face mask - Cucumber 
(deeply cleanses , hydrates and refreshes)
*two Nourishing mud masks
(a deliciously deep pore cleanse)
*Self heating smoothie mask
(intensly moisturises and nourishes)
*Exfoliating face mask
(for a smooth and flawless complaxion)
*Exfoliating superfruits mask
(rasberry , bluberry and cranberry for a revitalised and radiant complexsion)

All of them smell and work amazing. After each one I feel excacly how I should.
I mean the ones that cleanse my face feels so fresh and clean , the mud ones i sooo yummy and heathing one you really feel the heat.
I recomendem sooo much.

When I hopped in to the shop I was aiming to find the gosh foundation I always use.
Halfway through I obviously got myself to a big stand advertasing new Rimmel WAKE ME UP foundation.
I got in in 100 ivory.
Apparently it supposed to give a natural awakening flawless look and moisturizer good.
We will see ladies , we will see.

I was looking to get a facial scrub since my skin is really dry and I need to get rid of dead skin at least 2-3 times a week.
Since I am really happy with superdrugs vitamin E collection moisturaiser I decided to give a try to that Exfoliating facial scrub.
So far all I can say , it smells moisturaising and everything that will moisture my skin have already a big fat + from me.

So for past few weeks I was looking at make up online. I got myself really into buying a sleek palletes or trying their make up at all. I was going to order it online since I could not see it in local stores.
Today I got pretty happily surprised when in superdrug I have notice they have whole stand for sleek.
Obviously I notcied they had 3 for 2 and I could not resist.

I got that Sleek make up  eye primer pallete.
 I love vibrant eyeshadows but I feel like they do not always look the same on eyelid , so primer eyeshadows? great way to go.
When I was testing them out in the store I felt like I can even use them as a light eyeshadows with some liner and they will look decent too.
Also I love the size of their palletes and the mirror.It is perfect on way make up palette to take on holidays and I am so looking forward to pick up some proper eyeshadow colors.

INK pot. I wanted to purchase gel liner in a tub for a while , but seen nothing except two brand in stores making them. I tried one of them at my boyfriends house ( dont ask haha) I think it was the loreal one? or rimmel? and kind of liked it , but in the end I ended up picking up that sleek one plus it was the last one so gotta be good!

Finally! after looking for blue paint for lips or lipstics online and almost buying lime crime gorgeous lipstick from US i spotted that pout paint at sleek section.
I picked it up straight away and put it on my lips just now to show you how it looks.
So happy! I feel so complete now even though I know it is not a everyday look .

So that is all I got and now my lovlies:

SAVE up to 25% in superdrug!

I bet loads of you shop in superdrug but do not know about discounts. Yes you do get a beautycard but that is not it.
When you get a recit and look at the back you have all info.
Completing quick survey on you get a code that you will write in special little box on the back of your recit. Once you do that , in next 30 days go shopping to superdrug and get discounts. 
When it comes to pay , give your old recit with code and you will get 25% off on superdrug item and 10% on branded products.
I noticed that GOSH product are classyfied as superdrug so buying their products you get another 25% off.
Is that not amazing?

Today I saved £8.88
I noticed she but -0.60 and I knew it is for superdrug mask 
but then she put -£6.80 so  I guess sleek was classyfied as superdrug too so two offers 25% off and 3 for 2 got together and I saved.
It is worth it girls so give it few minutes and save! :)

Hope you enjoyed

suzanne marie 

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