Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 tips for clear skin!

Hello dolls,
So I know there is many girls out there, including me that struggle with bad skin and acne.
I decided to write 10 tips I came up with. They are my personal tips , I do and see the difference.
I love taking care of my skin and if you have any other tips please comment below as I am so happy to discover some new tricks and tips !
enjoy :)

10 tips for clear skin

1.Before sleep make sure to remove ALL OF YOUR MAKE UP.

2.If you are using some anti acne tonic use it before you go to sleep so it has time to work instead
of you putting make up on it after few minutes.

3.Red skin? Red spots, acne? Use baby powder! Sprinkle it on your face before bed and you will wake
up with reduced redness!

4.Get a face wash and use it in the morning and in the end of the day.

5.Remember loads of junk food is not clear skins friend

6.Use face masks twice a week.

7.Use moisturaiser to hydrate your skin.

8.When your at home or just go to the shop round a corner ,give your skin a break and don't wear make up.

9.Do not pick spots! I know it might be hard so when you do remember to be super hygenic with it!
And keep those dirty hands of your face!

10.Drink green tea! It helps acne.

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for Rimmer foundation review and maybe lookbooks?

suzanne marie

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