Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's outfit ideas

Hello Hello ,
So few days ago I decided  to slowly choose few outfits that will be perfect for Valentines day , date or just to look nice.
I think today is perfect day to publish it since it is just 4 days till Valentines and we all should think what to wear.
I have quite few , but I realise they might not be up to everyone's alley.
You could say they are too much , but I can not lie and pick up stuff I would not wear.
So I am sharing with you my personal pics for that full of love day.

Baby pink might not be for everyone and you do not have to be dressed in bright pink from top to bottom , so I picked that pale pink dress with black skirt and lace. I think it is really sweet and girly , tights add a bit of and edge but all the jewellery brings us back to sweet look.


So I thought that I should put a outfit that will include leggings/jeans instead going for obvious dress look al the time.
That look is super outstanding thanks to leggings with pink flamingos and super girly.
It is perfect for a date or just a day with girls to celebrate valentines.
I love the little bow reckless I think it is all the outfit need to be finish.
Also I realize not all of the girls wear heels or the weather does not allow us too , so i went for simple black flats.
Who said you can not look nice wearing flats even on a date?


Red and pink  , they are the colors we think when we hear Valentines , but why not orange? why not orange + pink?
Orange is one of my favorites colors ever and I fell in love with that blazer from the first sight.
The shoes are so unique and match with the bag.
TO all that lace dress might be just too much but I can not help it , I just love it that way.

Okey so at this point feel free to tell me I am crazy and over the top.
The dress , jewellery and printed blazer. No one never said you have to wear it that way.


I was trying to put something more simple knowing how my outfits might look too much for most of you.
So I put that lovely blouse with funky leggings and nice wedges.
I did not put any jewellery since blouse has a nice peter pan decorative collar.


That is probably my favourtie , why? The sweater is sooo cute! And trousers are leather looking like and that is my favourite piece ever , everything leather like.
I think this look would look cute with hair in a big messy bun so in the same time you could show off one of those girly roses earrings.


And finally super girly look. Again edgy tight, super sweet charm bracelet and polka dot cotton candy dress.
Perfect. You could also clip in that feather decoration in your hair to look even more outstanding.

Also for special Valentines day I recommend some lush goodies.
love potion , massage bars, perfumed bath frog bomb.

So I hope you liked my ideas for Valentines day , I sadly will not dress up since my boyfriend will not be here.
But I hope you all will have fabulous Valentines day either with loved one , family or friends.

Suzanne Marie

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