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Hair journey/history

Hello dolls, 
So I feel like I did not post in ages and it has been about hmm 9 days?
I missed all the blogging! 
But yeah I do not want to do a whole life update what happend and why I was not writing coz I do not think you would care much haha so I will just say I was not home and then I got ill so it is officially like 4th day of my bad fever and me lying in bed , but I am getting better well at least as good to pick up a laptop from a desk and write :)
So let's start.
Todays post is actually an idea stolen from lovely Jessica from .
It is basically a post showing a journey of experimenting with hair through the years and since I think I have done  quite a lot I thought it will be fun to share with you my story :)

So I was born with light brown hair and actually in my baby book where there is a part for first cut hair , it kind of looks blonde but maybe it is just my bad memory.
So yeah here we have how I started and picture of my at hmm maybe not even 2 years old?

So I have been doing pretty much nothing with my hair for ages , I do not think any girl at age 3 , 5 or 10 would think about changing her haircut or color so that is pretty normal right? Oh except those "summer time haircut by mama" So here we have me at the age of 12/13 and my long brown hair and still stuck with straight fringe !
After a year or two I decided I want to complete my dream of always wanting to have black hair so I asked my mum who weirdly said that she sees no problem with me dying my hair black . Sadly I have no picture of that point of my life but shortly after dying I decided I need a new haircut. And that was my first serious journey to hairdressers , got half of my hair cut off and loved it!
So now we are at the stage when I am about 14 and have that side fringe, black , emo layered hairstyle. Oh how much I loved it. But then decided to have another change and here we go with dying the ends of my hair pink.
That picture was taken in 2009 in Italy . I loved my hair and I guess that was the whole emo trend thing going on . Sadly in the end of the trip some stuff got said we came back to a country when my mum took actions about finding out I kind of messed up in school and guess what. One minute she takes razor and SNAP cuts off half of my hair and says I can not dye it anymore.
So here we are I am a 14 year old with violated head if I can say so haha.
My hair start slowly fading and going brown so I did not care at that point and decided to leave it to grow :)
At some point I asked mum if I could die it back black and the answer was yes.
So again the process of me waiting for my hair to grow and as you can see I was back to my straight fringe again.
I had black hair for  a really long time till I realised I actually would love to be ginger. Blimey me it took a lot of bleach to get that black out of my hair , but I have done it and in the middle of 2009 I belive , I became ginger.
Then I have moved to Scotland and that is where the proper craziness started I guess.
I thought it would be fun to add few streaks of blond under my ginger hair , streaks became more like a whole layer and renewing my ginger color on my hair became red.
 At that point noone had red hair in area I live , I guess becouse it was back in 2009 and Rihanna did not got out with her red hair trend yet , so I was pretty noticeable. I got called red head girl and Hayley Williams even though I did not had a clue by then who is she.
That hair lasted for about a year on my head. 
When I got bored and everyone went red headed I decided to change. I went for more natural brown and let me tell you , It was not even 2 weeks when I got a hairdye and died it again.
I had dark purple hair and at the time I thought it is way too dark and I am not happy.
That is when most unexpected happend. I decided to go blonde. I did not see myself blonde like ever but thought I will give it a shot.
3 bleaches later I ended up with this egg like color. 
Eventually got it sorted out and looked more blonde.
And here (second from left) me on myprom night with more of a golden blonde hair.
I remember I was excited to go full pink but decided to wait after prom.
Full pink huh? I knew I will miss my blonde hair so all I have done was added pink under my hair and loved it , till it faded, sadly , pretty quick.
I got fed up with hair dyes that were supposed to be pernament and washed off super quick so I have bought that manic panic organic semi pernametn blue and went all avatar. Yes , I got called avatar and smurf by randoms but I really could not care less.
Blue washed off pretty quick so I went back blonde and put just streaks of it on top of my head.
So here we are, I missed being ginger so bad I went for it once again. Well it was supposed to be red, but came out orange and I loved it.
Then it started to fade/
And I must say the whole rasberry color , I liked it.
I guess it was the pink from under from past kinda showed up when got mixed with orange.
crazy crazy.
And that? I do not even know what happend here , haha.
So I got back to ginger and decided to put higlights in . Purple ones. I have to say I like the way it looks here but if you would see more of my hair you would think what I think WHY WOULD YOU PUT PURPLE HIGHLIGHTS IN GINGER HAIR? I honestly have no idea.
So boom , I went for a purple hairdye.
And eventually some extensions to have that awesome purple long hair.
So yeah that would be me at the age of 17 and I must say I stayed with purple hair color for a long time , well at least for me.
Obviously at some point I wanted to spice my hair up and added some blonde streaks.
And here we are again . I got the purple washed off, was blonde and went back to ginger since I feel like it suits me the best since I do have freckles.
And this clown like picture got take this pass holidays when I spiced up being ginger a bit and went for more of a orange tone.
After holidays I decided to get some extensions and became long haired ginger head with blonde highlights.
Not for long tho.
Last big change. August 2011 , I went for dark chocolate hair and weirdly liked it.
Then put dark purple in which did not show up much as you can see.
So here we are . I have brown hair I hated , in sun it look pretty gingery because I touched up with semi pernament hair dye that was supposed to be brown but was copper . Since I got pregnant it has been 6 months rest for my hair , I did not use any heat or hair dyes as I use to because my hair lets face it it need break and I can not use hairdyes for the goods of a baby if that even sounds right so yeah. That would be the end of my hair change journey but let me tell you . I can not wait to do something big again haha.
We will see.

So I hoped you enjoyed and I hope my post makes at least a bit of sense since I am ill and feel like when I am half way through typing I get lost. 
Let me tell ya , being ill and not being able to take medicine is not easy , so I can just hope for the best.
Take care

suzanne marie

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