Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY lipstick storage

Hello dolls.
So I came up with this idea while ago , actually even before I started a blog.
I recently got myself to do it and decided to share with you guys.
So I love making changes in my make up storage and make it even more sorted.
I always kept my lipstics in a box ,squeezed together , but if I would take out few of them
rest would fall and it would be a big mess.
For those who live in UK you proabably know poundland. I came across those
medicine storage little boxes in there ,obviously £1 each.
They sell blue and pink , so as soon as I seen them I was like "Oh my , perfect lipstic storage!"
So i got myself to pick them up few days ago , sadly there was just one. I got it anyways.
So let's start.
Once you have your medicine box , open all of the "windows" and cut them off.
And that is it haha , simply place your lispticks in. Mine are not really stabile since i put them
upside down to see the color and shape of them is quite narrow. But i am glad with overall.

Also I thought my box with foundations/bronzers/blushes is quite a mess and I have noticed
old iphone box lying around and decide to use it!
I think it is a good way of storage in drawers :)

Keep organizated dolls !:)

Hope you enjoyed
suzanne marie

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