Friday, February 3, 2012

Foundation routine

So I thought that since I don't do look books ( I promise I will) I will post a foundation routine.
I found my favourite products for that , but even though it does not stop me from trying new things.
So for a good while since I started wearing make up (13 year old)  I struggeled with reapplying even up to few times a day. Then I heart about primer. 
My friends never use primers and probably never heard of them eaither , mmmm.


So the first primer I ever picked up was
GOSH foundation primer CREAM ( and yes you do get gel too and I purcheased it too but used it , so now i am using the cream and that is the one I will write about)

I put it on after I moisture my skin and leave it for about few minutes to give it some time to sink into my skin.
I have really and I mean really dry skin , but for those of you with different type of skin , believe me , this primer is so moisturaising enough .
It's £11.99 at superdrug


So I do not use that product every day but when my skin is getting real bad that is when I reach for that bad boy.

GOSH Click'n Conceal Stylio Anti-Cernes
The applicator is pen + brush in one.
You just put a little bit on a read part of your face, blemish , acne, spot and I just tap it in.
It is green and it is going to be green on skin , that is the whole point of covering the redness.
It's called 04-Anti Redness
It was about £10-13 in superdrug.


So with my moistured face covered in green pathes I move on to a proper Concealer. 

Maybelline - Pure Cover Mineral 
Anti- Cernes 

It is my personal favorite , the shade , applicator and it stays on perfectly.
It's £6.19 at boots.


GOSH X-CEPTIONAL wear long lasting foundation.
I love it.
I tried so many foundations . I was a big fan of the dream matte mousse from rimmel (?) till my skin decided to get more dry with every day.  That is when I fell in love with the gosh foundation.
It covers really nice , and I heared that aparently foundations go shade darker after a time being on our face , you know what ? I do not see that happening with that one :)
It's really moisturising. 
I use the lightest shade - 11 PORCELAIN
and it's £7.99 in superdrug.


Okey so I have so many powders in my drawer that are just , they just , they just suck let's say it. I got so tired looking for a perfect one with perfect  shade and texture.
While being on my holidays in Tenerife I discovered LOLA brand. It is a spanish brand and I fell in love with their make up from the first sight , especially powder. As you can see thought I am  running out of it so I am hoping to find that brand online and purchase more.
I have noticed that even with no foundation on that powder covers bad skins and blemish with no problem what so ever in just few taps on skin.
LOLA make up by PERSE
Polvos Presandos - R011
I think I paind about not more thatn £20 punds for it.

Suzanne Marie

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