Monday, February 20, 2012

Foundations oh foundations!

Hello dolls,
So I guess I felt bad about not being to post for next couple of days so I prepared that post and publishing it now.
Yesterday I purchased another new foundation and when putting it to my drawer I have noticed I have few more I did not use for a while , actually 9 of them.
So I decided to do reviews on all of them . I will be testing them out for soon even thought some shades seem quite dark.


So 12h luminous matte finish foundation that apparently is supposed make your pores and wrinkles look smoother. I purchased two tones of this mousse 115 - golden ivory and  200 -appricot beige.
Weirdly enought I used almost whole package of appricot beige but left the ivory one which obviously seems to be lighter.
I used to be a huge fan of mousses since they give you some serious matte finish , and they were great.
They my skin got super super dry and mousse is not a way to go ! I wish I could say more about this foundation but I can not. When recently I used it on my broken dry skin it left not nice marks and made my skin more dry , ah and I remember being so happy about it.

17 Natural Radiance

Okey so this one is in BISCUIT and has a brush applicator which could be handy. On the back it says it is a long lasting foundation that will not block pores. Oh I am so looking forward to testing it out! It feels quite thick when I put it on my hand but maybe it is just first impression.

GOSH x-ceptional wear

Okey so that one in shade 11 Porcelain is my most used foundation lately and as you can see it is the lightest tone of all the shades. If you read my blog for a while you know what my review is if not here are two links for my thoughts :

RIMMEL lasting finish

Ok so it is 200 SOFT BEIGE and it does look quite dark , so I think mixing it would be good or just wait for having tanned skin. It says it has primer so you do not need to prime before , well we will see shall we?
Oh and it says it is 25h foundation which is quite extreme so I can not wait to find out if it's true.

17 sheer moisture

This one is in MEDIUM shade and seems pretty dark and thick. I will try it thought since I have whole tube of it. I was thinking what if I will mix it with different shade or even highlighter? Although I feel like it is good to have darker shade in case of getting tan or so .

MAYBELLINE  Dream Satin liquid

Okey so this air brush foundation is in 020 CAMEO and I can not wait to finally use it tomorrow! I feel like for my dry breaking out skin in healing process this foundation will be perfect. It feels so foamy and it says it should give an air brush finish which I hope I will get , otherwise I will end up looking really nasty in college tomorrow !


So as you know I like gosh products and their foundation is one of my favourties. Today I got this one in 38 SAND and it looks promising . It is a moisturizer light foundation so I guess it will be perfect for days when I do not need full coverage.

Rimmel wake me up

Ok so this one in shade 100 IVORY I recently revwieved :

So that would be it . I will be testing out those if you are interested. Or did you use any of those?
I will get to you as soon as possible so take care dolls!
Oh and remember even if your looking thorught my old post I still read the comments and replay  , shame I can not replay on here but I will get to you on your blog or mail if you wish !
take care guys

suzanne marie

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