Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fashion tag

Hello dolls,
Todays late quick post will be a fashion post I found on one of the blogs recently.
Go for it and do it yoursefl and enojy :)

Fashion Tag 

Who is your fashion role model?
I never thought about that one , but I do have some celebrities that inspire me. I try not to
copy whole looks tho. Although since I Was 11 I have been a huge fan of Olsen Twins ,
especially Mary Kate.
I find her style a mix of everything and for me she is a classy hot mess.

What do you always carry with you?
I always have a bag with me , full of stuff. I do not imagine walking about without my bag full of goodies.

Which do you prefer, jeans, sunglasses or heels?
Heels! Althoug I wear more wedges than heels but I guess that counts? I am more of a dress girl , I guess
and never paid too big of a attention to sunglasses and just think some outstanding high shoes will beat
any pair of jeans or glasses.

What is your favorite fashion shop?
I honestly can say I do not have an idea. I shop everywhere , literally.

What is your favorite fabric for clothing?
Hmm satin,lace? I thought my answer will be something that just flows on body or sexy lace.
But actually how could I forget how much I love leather. And yeah I know there is people supporting peta there so do not worry I do not own everything leather. If it comes to clothes, as long as it looks like leather I am happy.

Would you choose to buy something or make it yourself if you could?
Depends what that question excactly means. There is so much stuff I would like to buy ,
but if it comes to eaither buy or produce it , who would not love to have their own
shoes or clothes collection?

Hope you enjoyed,

Suzanne Marie

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