Friday, February 17, 2012

Rimmel london WAKE ME UP foundation review

Hello dolls,
As you know everyone is all over new WAKE ME UP foundation by rimmel.
I personally see reviews everywhere! But still I got asked and I will do my personal review on it.
So let's begin.

I always pick up the lightest shade which in that case is 100 IVORY.
You know how most of foundations change the color on skin after like hour or so?
Well that is what I think , guess what.. that does not do it.
I feel pail as I should haha that sounds so weird.
In one of my little hauls when I was talking about purchasing that foundation I said that I hope it is going to be moisturizing as it promises to be.
So far it is. 
The foundation sinks in into my skin perfectly , does not change the color and stays on.
It also gives the waking up natural glowing effect it promises and everyone's talking about.
I have one minus tho .
After long day at college and wearing foundation for 13 hours I looked at the mirror and noticed glitter? After taking off some of foundation to clean my face I felt like my face is glittery . 
I did not use any other products that might of caused that so I guess after a certain time the whole GLOW effect is actually glitter that I did not like.
Well overall I am happy with that foundation.
It covers all the  blemishes and when I put it on in the hurry I do not see dark patches of foundation but it actually sinks in and flows with my skin.
Happy , happy , happy.

Did you try it out?
Would you?

take care

suzanne marie 

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