Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How I clean my brushes + old OOTD

Hello dolls,
So I have been siting here and wondering what can I write a post about , when it kicked in I took pictures 2 days ago of the process of me cleaning my make up brushes.
I know there is loads of videos on that , different techniques and everyone probably knows it but  oh well :D
So I am sharing with you method I use , so stay tuned :)/

See how nasty and dirty they are?! 
especially that I use big variety of colors of shadows etc I need to clean brushes really often , 
also my skin is getting back to normal so I do not want to ruin that by using dirty brushes on my face.
So here we go,
obviously you need dirty brushes (haha) kitchen towel or toiler paper will do and simply OLIVE OIL that is how simple is that.
I layer kitchen towel on my desk and pure a little bit of olive oil I stole from kitchen supplies of my mamas .
And now simply take your brush and "paint" on oily towel to get rid of the nastiness .
few brushes later....
When you are done with all your brushes take a hair conditioner.
And no no not the good hair mask or anything!
I use a simply not expensive hair conditioner. That will get rid of oil and make our brushes nice and soft.
Simply run through the brush through your hand with conditioner.
And once your done rise with water. 
Remember you should not soak whole brush  , because water will get into the brush and simply destroy it.
Now the drying part.
Brushes should not stand like they do when we store them.
Put them eaither upside down, lie them down on a towel or like I do for quick effect I put towel on a heater and then layer brushes on top. 
30 minutes and they are like brand new :)

So how do you keep your brushes clean dolls?
Also any one recommend any good between use spray for brushes to keep them hygienic which each use?

I decided to post some pictures of my simple outfit from few days back.
I do not feel like the pictures are good enought to do a whole post so I am just gonna add them up to that one.
And for those ones that do not know yet , I am not fat , jut pregnant, haha.
So that is simple sailor looking shirt from guys section I wore with black blazer, maternity skinnys and dorothy perkins kind of likec hoker neckless thing to add weird edge :)

Take care
suzanne marie

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