Monday, February 13, 2012

OOTD - Chunky monkey

Hello dolls, 
So I feel like I should have more fashion on this blog.
Belive me I love dressing up even just for college ,but taking pictures is quite hard for me.
By the time I get home it is dark and there is no decent light to take pictures.
Another thing you might notice and since I want to post looks you will have to know is that I do not fit into most of my stuff becouse I am simply pregnant.
I was not sure about doing the whole I am pregnant post since that blog is mainly about fashion and stuff like that but you just can not hide it , and I am not planning be one of those that will hide in big comfy track suit , oh no no .
So here we go with my first pregnant look just before you call me fat ,haha.

take care

suzanne marie


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