Thursday, February 9, 2012

Topshop bargain

Hello , 
So again on my way back home to catch a bus , I had a little time to kill , AGAIN.
I jumped into topshop looking for earcuffs.
I immidietly picked up the one with crosses and thought maybe I should wonder through rack with clothes.
I did not find anything worth buying but when I got to the bigger section of jewellery.
Hold me girls , those bargains! I just had to.
All of the itemes originally were about £6-£9 each and I got them just for £1.50
The one that totally got my heart was the last one chunky chain with monkeys that had an original price of £20!
I could not leave it.
So here you have so pictures girls :)

Hope you enjoyed that quick post and now I am off to enjoy some college work :)

suzanne marie


I wanted to thank you all of you who read my blog and follow.
I just bearly started blogging and I feel like I do have people who are intrested in my posts.
Please comment telling me what do you think about my blog , posts , what can I change  , do better. 
Also I am glad to see that you are leaving links to your blogs since I love discovering new blogs with girls who have same hobbies as me.
I have loads of ideas for posts.
I have a valentines outfits ideas ready but not sure when to post it,
the new foundation review is coming up but I am giving it another day to make up my final thoughts about it,
also I was going to put a OOTD today but did not take pictures yet and it is hard for me latley to put up outfits together , but stay tuned!
So once more thanks to all of you!

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