Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SPRING BREAK project #38

Hello dolls,
So I recently joined intependent fashion bloggers and already have a problem. I can not log in, I get messages on my hotmail about people mailing me and adding but when I want to log in onto the webite I get put on some kind of torrent or whatever site , anyone knows what the heck is happening?:(
Anyways , 
I read about this fun projects on IFB SPRING BREAK
So basiclly it is about essentials in our wardrobe for upcoming spring break.
I personally do not plan on going anywhere but I will share with you my picks.
Shorts - on holiday you just NEED shorts and those dip dye denim shorts from topshop are just so easy to pair with anything!
Top - loads of comfy tops during spring days - a big yes! I am not a big fan of simple white tanks or so , so I go for printed "in your face" ones. This vibrant one with animals on it is from river island/
Swimming suit- instead of bikini I have been recently obsessed with those half hut ones. Aren't they cute? My pick is from river island.
Sunglasses - eaither cat eye vintage or john lennon inspired circular lenses , I actually found those ones on ASOS.com 
sandals - I like to go for really colorfull ones , but here I decided to pick black ones to tone my weird picks down ( haha) I  really like the gladiator ones so I found those under that label in OFFICE
Dress - and last , for nice spring evenings , nice maxi dress I found on warehouse website . I love the colors! So gorgeous and perfect for evening spring walk and a meal.

So this have been my spring break picks , what are your MUST HAVES? 
I as you see would not really fallow a trend of MUST HAVE pastel pieces , and I would stick to my personal favorites.

suzanne marie

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