Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY Keep the bacteria away from your brushes! Quick ,easy and fun!

Hello lovely readers!

I hope you all are doing alright , I am feeling better nowdays and I am so glad I finally can get out of bed and do some chores ,haha.

So recently I do everything to improve my skin. Back in a day I would not take care of my sponges or brushes but today , oh me!

I do weekly cleaning ( checks HOW I CLEAN MY BRUSHES) and I am recently looking to purchase a daily brush cleaner spray. But so what if the dust if going to gain on the brushes anyways?

That is why we should keep them covered. I know you do not have to do so or anything ,and personally I like the way brushes look , it makes my make up table feel so ...professional haha. 

But then I know how dust is everywhere and it disgust me when I use my brush but have to tap off the dust first. So I decided I have to store them difrentlly.

I collect every box after chocolates , sweeties and all that stuff for college purposes. I never know what I will need to I collect loads of rubbish. 

So I have notice that one of the boxes after chocolate goodies will be perfect for some of my brushes!

Although I do not want loads of boxes and storage with label and chocolates on them - not cute !

So for this super quick easy and fun DIY project all you need is:

2.Funky paper - I have whole block of scrapbook pappers to choose from , you could use some old wallpaper too!
3.Double sided tape
4.A box
5.And pencil

So I chosen this cute polka dot pattern paper and all I have done for first step was to hold the card onto my box and mark how much i have to cut off.

Then I put the lid onto the rest of paper and trace the shape that I cut of afterwards.

I put the double sided table on the edges of the paper to simply keep it in place.

And just simply place your cut out paper on the storage box!
And your done! It looks so much better doesn't it?
I just showed you one example , but you can and I will look for more taller boxes and other storage after candy boxes to make them cuter and storage more , coz obviously this box of mine is not tall enough to storage some of the big brushes. But no worries I am getting there!

So here we go .
I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy idea that will help with keeping our tools clean , look nice and is good for recycle fans haha!

suzanne marie

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