Monday, March 26, 2012

Coz your filthy!

Hello dolls, 
So I have even more going on and that is why I have not blogged for a while. The reason being - I am moving! Yes me and my love are finally moving in together to a lovely house. So you can imagine how much time and energy it takes to move all the stuff from my house and my boyfriends to new home plus still keep up with college. I am curentlly still at my mums packing more and more stuff and decided to take a break for tea and write a post to explain myself. 
I took some really awkward pictures of what I was wearing the other day while in a bus haha.
So I will post that and I am heading to get boxes ready and also look for more baby furniture , ah so much to do!
Hope you are all alright.

I am off now to pack and move in the rhythmic of this ace song :D

suzanne marie

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