Monday, March 12, 2012

Mixing foundation FAIL!

Hello , hello.
So today something diffrent.
So I think I should share my up and downs with fashion and make up so here we go with a big fail.
I wrote about bunch of foundations I own HERE and told you I will try them out and write you reviews.
I decided to give a go to this Rimmel Long Lasting one in SOFT BEIGE.
I always go for ivory , so why do I have soft beige? Do not ask.
I swatched it on my hand and deary me it is not my color. I straightaway thought Hey it is an amazing idea to mix it with something lighter! But in same time I do not want to waste my good light foundation so another "awesome " idea - Hey let's mix it with a highlighter!
So I took the super sparkly highlighter from accessorize and started mixing , I was slighty worried it will be like a bunch of glitter coming thorught the mixture but I was wrong.

So at this stage I was thinking " Check me out! The shade looks perfect and does not have sparkles , I am amazing!" I could be not more wrong. 
The first swatch  - rimmel soft beige
second - highlighter
thrid - both mixed together

I was expecting a good result. As soon as I started applying it to my face I start noticing the CAKE LOOK - NOT GOOD!
After a while of blending in it start to crease , ane ugly lines of my face and I kept looking like I have a bad tan on. I do not know if the crease effect is becouse of my awfully dry skin? I applied so much cream and a moisturaising mask before doing that but still. I also have a bad skin now days and I am going to blame pregnancy on that one  , so I thought  I will get a nice result of coverage.
Well I looked horrible:
Can you see the difrfence with my neck? yuk
And here a picture after swatches got dry and you can see how kind of dry and fleaky they become.

So this is my experience with mixing , share your with me!

I can not wait for some look I will post here with big hit of this coming season the funky patterned leggins , but thats once the delivery guy will decide to finally knock on my door :0


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