Sunday, March 11, 2012

OOTD - pumpkin!

Hello hello, 
so today something a little bit more exciting - outfit of the day!
Since I am 7 months pregnant and still attend college it is hard for me to get dressed. 
In the morning I have about an 1h to eat and get ready to catch a bus , belive me it is not a long time ,but I need my sleep! I also thought that by the time pregnancy will properly show I will have no problem with dressing up because I own loads of big clothing. I was wrong , mostly when I throw on anything I just look fat. I also do not want to stick to tracksuits and just the comfy baggy shirts so today even though I am staying in all day , I decided to throw on this dress I did not wore yet and see if I can pull it off being pregnant.
It has little leather like detail on the coller and cuffs and those gorgeous sheer sleeves that I adore.
I added a belt because I just do not feel like me when I have no belt on -.- anyways , I suprasingly thought I would not wear any jewellery with this dress because it just might not work.
I paired it with my recent favorite yellow bag and those high heeled shoes that are no use if I am going to walk long distance .
first - im pregnant so I do not wear heels
second - they are just not the shoes for walk haha
So on daily basics I would probably wear my studded black boots you have seen before.

*My skin also broke out biiiig time and I was trying out diffrent foundations today to write some reviews so excuse my bad face pictures :)

hope you enjoyed 
suzanne marie

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