Wednesday, December 21, 2011

why would you buy BLACK LITAS?!

Hello my lovley dolls, 
Since two days I've been sick , missed college that I simply can not afford to do and my mail got hacked which means I don't get notifications about my blog.
sad times.
I would love to do some haul post ( was gonna say video there , too much time spend on youtube with beauty gurus haha someone elses addiction too? )
anyways , yeah , but the whole problem is  -i didn't really bought anything recently ,haha.
It is gonna change withing next few days and you know , BOXING DAY !
Here is few pictures from my flat , I mean xmas decorationsss

 You are probably thinking what the heck is that? 
Well it is one of christmas delicious stuff we polish people eat for christmas.
It has honey , rice ,poppy and raisins in it. Not everyone favourite but a tradition ;)

Ouhhh I am gonna totally die the day I get to buy a charger for my proper camera so I can make by blog pretty with some REAL pictures, I mean come on! I can not even show you pretty christmas lights! That is annoying :D

Yeah going back to the title of that post. Litas are awesome and everyone knows that.
But why everyone goes for a "safe" matching to everything BLACK !?
Look at those crazy ones !

I was thinking about doing a xmas outfit post , since I do not have any looks to show you maybe I could show you some of my ideas great for xmas eve?

Hope everyones "gettin ready" to christmas is going good :)

suzanne marie xxx

oh anyways if someone wants to tweet ?:)

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