Monday, December 12, 2011

DECEMBER - what a month!

Hello dolls , 
althought it's December and it should be a happy time you spend with the family and preparing for Christmas , for me it must be the most stressing month so far in my life.
As you may or may not know I study fashion in college.
My college is quite far away comparing to my other schools I used to attend back in my country, that all I had to do was wake up 30 minutes before lessons to get ready and get to school.
Since winter is coming to Scotland quite fast ,buses can be tricky and don't show up at all.
Anyways , staying up late to catching up on college work ( believe me even studying fashion takes time to do work!) then waking up early to get to college , next thing I see I am home about 7pm and time passes so quick.
I do have some other things on my mind to sort out plus me and my boyfriend are planning on moving in together soon which involves plans and stuff. 
That is when I spend weekends at his, and might not be able to write a blog.
Well I guess that is going to be it for my personal life and kind of trying to tell why I might not be able to write as much.
Well , I try hard! 
I mean come on! I just started this blog and I ain't giving up :D
I didn't had a chance to get decent photos since like I said my life now is mostly sleep , college and loads of stuff to sort out.
I still decided to give you those few pics of what I wore today.
So what I did wear today , that beautiful Monday was a baby pink jumper , green trousers and my boyfriends belt which probably can't be brighter .

Take care dolls , and see you next time with way more better post 

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