Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jewellery MAD

Hello , 
sooo since I'm a BIG FAN of jewellery I decided to do post about it.
Just how I store it , how it looks and a bit zoom in on my chunky rings that are my loooveee.
All my weekend I spend doing my college work in my messy room as I may show you in a minute.
I'm taking a break right now to replay to your comments and see your new blog posts !
So dolls , enjoy!

My jewellery is all over my room . Earrings are hangin on bit of ribbon put on the wall , necklesses hang on a coat hanger , there is no silver or gold jewellery since I keep it in seprate box.
In red boxes i keep hair accesories , in other - bracelets.
SOme of them with big earrings and chunky rings are on my fairy hangers.
I use to store my rings on wooden ikea dolls ( on their arms) ,but everytime I would open a drawer more rough it would fall so I decided go with simpler version.
Oh I almost forgot! Broches , most of them are pind into another bit of ribbon attached to a wall :)

Loads of little earrings ,rings ,broches and little stuff .
Storage of silver and golds.
I also have some random glass thing with random vintage broches and stuff , like that old rubber spider broch that belonged to my mother .
And finally close up on my chunky riiings.

Last on is unfortunetly too big for any of my fingers , I bought it without trying it on and looking for a size.
I'm planning on cuttin the metal so I can make it suitable for my fingers.
So , that would be it.
I love big jewellery and sadly I don't think less is better .I wear I would even say too much jewellery at once , but it doesn't mean that for a nice dinner with nice dress I won't put on just a simple jewellery picece.
How do you like your jewellery dolls?
More for less?
Or saving up for some golds ?

now im off to finish some college work (oh fun times) and I guess time to clean up that mess of mine.
take care.

suzanne marie xxx

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