Friday, December 2, 2011

Chicken Chow Mein

You've just got to trust me.  These pictures aren't great, in fact they're pretty awful.  Don't let them turn you off because this is the tastiest dinner and it's so healthy for you!  It's full of veggies, there are no creams in it and it's DELICIOUS!  You've got to try it!

1 zucchini
4 mushrooms (added last)
1 onion
3-4 stalks celery
handful of bean sprouts
3 chicken breasts
Soy Sauce
Chicken Bullion
Corn Starch
Brown Rice
Optional: Chow Mein Noodles

Start off by getting some brown rice in your rice cooker
Next, start boiling your 3 chicken breasts (optional: add some chicken bullion to the water) 

While those are going:

Cut up your onion and 3-4 stalks of celery and add them to a large pot

Add enough water to the pot that the onions and celery are generously covered.  I guess every time.  It just all depends on how many vegetables you actually add.  In the end you want it to be a stew-ish consistency.  So you'll probably be adding more water later on!  By the way, turn your burner on high and get it cooking!

Optional: Add some chicken bullion for extra flavor.  As much as or as little as you want. 

Next, cut up your zucchini and 4 mushrooms.  I usually put in more because I like the vegetables!  If your chicken is done cooking you can add the zucchini and mushrooms to the pot.  You just don't want the zucchini or the mushrooms to cook too long and get all soggy.  So make sure they're added near near the end.

When your chicken is finished cooking, cut it up and add it to the pot 

Like so!  At this point,  you'll know if you need to add more water.  

You're going to add some cornstarch which will thicken the water into a stew-ish consistency.  If you've never used cornstarch before, just know it has to be mixed with COLD water.

Put about half a cup of corn starch in a 1 cup measuring cup

Add COLD water to it and whisk it together

Now slowly stir in the cornstarch and water into your pot

After a few minutes of boiling, your Chicken Chow Mein should start thickening.  If it doesn't- add more!  I have to do this a lot because the amount always changes based on how much water I have in my pot.  Because it's not like, add six cups of water, you just never know.  You can't mess this dish up though so don't worry.  If it's not thickening, just add more cornstarch and water!

After it's started thickening, add your handful of bean sprouts and some soy sauce.  I guess on the soy sauce every time too!  I just keep adding more and more until it I can taste it!

It should be thick, like a stew.  If it's not- add more corn starch.

When the Chow Mein is finished, serve it over brown rice and with chow mein noodles!

I love this dish because it's really healthy.  It's one of those feel good meals.  Plus Brian and Boston really like it.  This makes enough for Brian (who eats a TON) to get super full, me and for us both to have left overs the next day.  By the way, this makes the best left overs because in the fridge the corn starch will continue to thicken.  Mmmm so yummy!  

Seriously- have this for dinner next week.  You won't regret it!  If you do, I'd love to hear if you and your family liked it!


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