Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hello !
No time no see or speak or whatever.
Anyways I thought I will share with you some pictures I just took of my todays look.
No bottom becouse all I wear is black skinnys and no shoes or socks since this year is so exciting I stay home for new year.
So I got tht lovely blouse it is so comfy nice and my favourite cute and color, just perfect.
My earrings , bracelet and neckles seem to match but I got them in diffrent places.
Earrings are from dorothy perkins , neckles and bracelet I got in little shops when I was in Tenerife last October.
I purchased this nail polish yesterday along with tht rose ring , two pairs of earrings and some beauty stuff.
I am gonna do some rewievs or hauls once my orderd online stuff will come in :)
So I hope all of yous will have a great new year and yeah :D

suzanne marie xxx

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