Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick reviews :)

I've been using these products for a while and decided to share with you my thoughts.
With not needed mumbling I will just start so here we go ! :)

oh and straight away I want to say sorry about quality of swatches.
I lost the charger for my big camera and for small one too so i use my phone for now till I will find them or buy new ones. 

1.Rimmel London eyeshadow - COLOR RUSH 021alluring
My favourite color ever is blue , so obviously I picked up that shadow straight away. Ever since then it has been my number 1! I love the pigment and that it does not come of and how vibrant it is.
I have been wearing it a lot  and thought it really went outstanding with my ginger/red/orange hair like you can see on picture on top right of my blog ;)
I really do recommend that one , I can not get over how amazing color is!
Sooo in love :)

2. 2true eyeshadow dazzlers

That brand is probably one of the cheapest ever and that is why it surprised me how good quality and how amazingly sparkly those eyeshadows are. They are around 2£ but when you get the offer I believe all year long buy 3 in price of 2 , so how cheap is that?!
My bad sample shows you one of my favs which is No.11 from collection.
It stays on till you wash it off and its very thick and nice. 
I can not remember any night out without wearing that Dazzlers.
I have no no no's about them.

3.GOSH foundation
I never tried gosh foundations before but I heard loads about them.
I am so happy. My choice is no.11 Porcelain which is the brightest you can get.
It is perfect and as label says : "long lasting ,light reflecting"
Just perfect , although if by mistake I put too much my skins shows that I have foundation on and I look quite dollish. So be careful! Although It is my new favorite foundation.
I do have loads of musses and foundations in my "stock" I plan on maybe talk about. They are different brands and shades so I shall test them out :)

4.Accessorize Highlighter

That is the first highlighter I ever bought. I picked it up so quick without testing or doing any research.I thought it's pretty and it cost just 5£.
Well here we go , the applicator get way too much out of tube. I do not know if you can see but it is way to sparkly, I barely put it on . If you are looking for super shiny look for maybe night out? I do recommend but unless that it is not really worth buying if you are looking for natural shine. 

5.Loreal GLAM SHINE Diamant

I personally do not like lip glosses but I have quite few. This loreal glam shine which they sell in different colors although I think I am blind and can not see what my shade is I would describe it as browny-gold. 
I quite like . It gives real nice gold shimmer to plain lips or lipstick.
Minuses are the bad stickiness and smell, it does not smell nice , let me tell you :D

6.Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream

And at last the product I am most disappointed in.
Visibly reduces spot size? - NO
redness - NOT REALLY
and it does take 4 hours.
Let's face it. I used to put it before sleep coz that would be the only way to have it on my face , but it would rub off because of me moving in my sleep and stuff. It did work but just took away the redness a bit.
I do not recommend that and if it comes to reducing redness on your face or any other parts of body , I recommend simple BABY POWDER :D

So dolls , I hope you enjoyed and now I am off to do my research on lovely Vivienne Westwood for college.
Have a lovely evening and tell me you favs and products you do recommend or totally hate :)
Suzanne Marie

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