Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Does Indie Fashion Really Mean?

When people talk about indie fashion or indie style, I always think about what that means exactly.

Is it fashion independently made? As in you made it alone. No one helped
you? Not even your neighbor who let you borrow her glue gun?

Does Indie Fashion represent a trend of people who like to think that they
think independently? As in on their own. No outside influences. So you
put that outfit together all alone? No one helped you decide to mix your
Jefferey Campbell’s with your maxi skirt? Not even Nylon or some blogger?

It is quote the complicated feat to figure out what exactly some one means when they say Indie Fashion. Personally I think of people who dress independently of how everyone else dresses. They may get their inspiration from various places but they put it together and find their own unique way of showing it to the world. They mix old with new and are daring with style. They know a certain style my be in right now, but that is not really their look so they opt for something else. They like self expression through clothes and find that looking unique and separate from everyone else will help deliver the message that they are unique and separate from everyone else.

I find that is why some friends tend to dress alike, it is almost
like a having your own independent tribe or gang. Because they are
friends they most likely enjoy hanging out in the same places, doing the
same activities and may even work in similar fields. They have a lot in
common and that can sometimes be reflected in their outfits.

But just because you and your friend have similar style you can still have
indie fashion sense. Everyone has their own little twist, their own little


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