Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas + OOFTD

Hello and Merry Christmas!
I am just home enjoying xmas dinner , we polish folks have a Christmas dinner and day today , tomorrow is our second day just to visit family etc.
So since I am home , I did not get dolled up but I will show you what I wore.
The blue "garden thing" I bought 2 days ago at H&M and if someone knows how its properly called please comment! haha :D

Yeah don't really have a chance to get dolled up.
I am probably gonna spend proper UK christmas at my boyfriends family tomorrow , but that does not include gettin all dolled up since they live on a farm with loads of animals , haha.
So yeah,
hope you are having good Christmas  , and I am off to watch some youtube gurus, paint and eat haha

suzanne marie xxx

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