Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello ,
Sooo I could post a big haul of the stuff I got while shopping last weekend but some of it is packed to suitcases and it would be a really long post if I would talk about every single item.
That is why I finally got myself to make a youtube channel after 3 years of wondering what if I will be confident enough.
So what I will show you today will be few random purchases from boots.
I am not going to really write about those since pictures speak for themself.

Then we have the cute Wales & Gromit radio I could not resist buying , haha
little frame that I just got coz I love pictures and that is so sad but I do not know how it's called. Its cute and will keep my coffee warm for college days .

And just a quick picture of my nails I just painted.
Plain Rimmel "Ballerrina" polish for french with top coat of next silver "cracking" polish.
I know I have excess of polish round but I always seem to do it , wait till it dryes and then scrub it off, haha, get over it.

Oh I have tumblr now so leave me your urls , fallow and stuff :

and youtube channel I am in process of updating 1st video:

Last thing I would like to mention.
For a while I have been loving Audrey Kitchings look with bold blue and yellow lip.
Do you girls know where could I get some?
I would be glad to get some!

Hope you liked that quick post. And your more than welcome to chat to me on twitter dolls.

suzanne marie

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