Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fashion trend - Colour Block It!

We loves, loves, loves this trend! Colour blocking is great way to liven up any outfit and mix and match old and new pieces to get a look that is uniquely you. Even if you rock up to a party and another girl is wearing the same shirt as you, if you mix it up – hardly anyone will notice. So go on and try it.

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There are different ways to rock this look. You can choose to go full on and have each item you’re wearing a different colour. If you wanna do that, make sure that the colours complement each other. Or you can try and at least wear two items of the same colour. Just like the girl in the green jacket and shoes. Perfect! Otherwise another option is to rock two colours. Like the orange and red outfit. It’s a safer, yet still stylish way to wear this trend.

Another way to colour block is through accessories. Bags, shoes, cellphones, hats etc. Depending the colours you choose they can add that extra vibe to your look. If you’re going to do a plain blue or green outfit, make your accessory extra bright. Play with luminous colours! Come on be brave. Look how well it worked out for these ladies in the pics!

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