Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teen Top – It’s

Teen Top – It’s

틴탑 (Teen Top) – It’s
Release Date : 2012.01.05
Genre : Dance
Label/Publisher : Loenent

Single Release : 2012.01.05
Mini Album Release : 2012.01.10


01  Teen Top
02  미치겠어
03  Where’s Ma Girl
04  Girl Friend
05  미치겠어 (R&B Slow Mix)
06  미치겠어 (Inst)

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Lirik Lagu

01  Teen Top

Hey Boys & Girls
welcome to the world of T E E N T O P
Yeah, U ready for the hotness ?
cause here we are T E E N T O P
we won’t stop & we gonna take it to the top
we never stop
let’s rock we’re born to rock TEEN TOP TOP

ttokgateun geon barajima bigyojocha hajima
ttokbaro bwado dallajin moseup neo nollajima
uril boni neo michigesseo?
ttwigo sipeo andallasseo
nuga uriboda deo nopgesseo?
jallan geol eojjeogesseo

we gonna take u to another level level
shine like metal metal
let me up up upgrade U

we gonna take u to another level level
feel the travel travel
let me up up upgrade

Bump Bump michin deut
Bump Bump simjangi
Bump Bump bollyumeul deo keuge
Bump Bump Bump

Bump Bump Brave sound !!
Bump Bump we Teen Top !!
Bump Bump Stereo !
Bump BumpBump BumpBump Bump

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