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I just read on Loris blog ( ) that that services of google friend connect which is how loads of you follow my blog , are getting rid of it.
So right now I am getting on all of your blogs and others that I follow and going to fallow them in BLOGLOVIN way.I am so happy to be gaining you my followers and reading your blogs so , If you wish to still follow me , please do so by clicking on the icon on right , it is the first one there that obv says blogloving.
Thank you my dear dolls and now enjoy my post :)

Hello Dolls, 
so I thought that I should post a little mini haul of stuff I got recently.
Without any useless writing I will just get to it .

I picked up few make up items.
Gosh nail polish that I have shown you before , which is so stunning. 
It is in 530 OCEAN
If I get items from gosh I always get 3 since the 3 for 2 offer is aveliable in superdrug all the time.

I am not into bronzers at all but I had to get that one . It's like a wheel with diffrent shades including some green tones I belive  and I wish I could tell you proper name of it but the scan sticker or whatever you call it is literally stuck to it haha.
So yeah , I thought I will try that.
And since I run so low on mascara and the one I use is not really volumazing , I picked up that SHOW ME VOLUME MASCARA that I use together with my other one.
Last make up item is a nail polish from next. It is one of the so popular "crackin" ones.
And I loooove them , so I could not help myself and picked up that golden one.
Here is a pretty bad picture of both polishes paired up on my nails.

So let's move on to accessories.

At Dorothy Perkins I got that faux fur collar and two pairs of earrings that are turquoise and so gorgeous. 
They match with loads of my neckleses ,rings and bracelets since turqaise is one of my fav colors.
Oh aren't they just so fab?
And the orange thing you see on the first picture is a simple warm long thick h&m scarf.
I just feel in love with the color.

I was looking for a new fun bag , and noticed the fad with bags with faux fur on them.

I ordered that one online from ALDO.
It is a pretty small size than I expected to it to be.
The inside is a pretty leopard print that website never mentioned about but I love it.

Sadly I am not so happy with the bag since the handles are attached to the "opening bit" of the bad which does not allow me to had loads of stuff in the bag because it just simply opens itself.

The last accessory I got is a hat.
I am actually looking for a Charlie Chaplin hat but I got this one since It matches to so much coats and boots in my wardrobe now and I just feel like wearing a hat like that recently.
So it is just that cotton like lovely light brown color with feather detail.

And then we have a clothing items , which first one is a body warmer from New Look .
Personally I am not a big body warmer person ,but I so do need one for cold bad scottish weather.
So I picked up that denim one with lovley flowers inside which I must admit is quite hard for me to pair up with the outfit.

Now we move on to the shirt I fell in love with.
Now , I bought them in 8/10 size which is my usual size but they are so oversized.
I never try things on , I just can not stand putting on loads of stuff looking what looks good coz I belive I can somehow pull it off anyways , haha , that sounded so big headed .
Anyways , I think they are ment to be a bit bigger except first orange one which is quite tight.
I can not wait to style them up with some belts and jewellery.
( All of them are form New Look)
That is the first one I got is a lovley bright orange color. Fabric is so light and perfect for summer.
I totally love the collar and little buttons with spark of gold.

Second one is just a quite long mustard shirt. 
Material that sandly for me need ironing - one of the things I just do not do ,haha.

And the third floral , probably the biggest one shirt that remind me of 
dads old hawaian shirt.
I love it tho.
I see that on pictures on my manequin they do not present so good.
But I believe , or know that on a human and with some help they will be fab.
As you probably seen in my last post , I was wearing the first orange shirt and it does look diffrent than on a hanger.

And another item made of same light kind of see through fabric is a dress.
It is brown and black and I got it online from Republic.
I got size 10 but it is slightly big.
I wear it with thin belt and I am all good. 
It is so lovely the bottom is longer on sides compering to front and I love that little edge of it.

Last thing that is probably my purchase of decade , haha , is those boots , but sadly I could not capture how nice are they with the lighting in my room , but since I am wearing them all the time and I will , I will post OOTD with them soon so you can see how nice they are.
I have some boots kind of cowboy looking like and I love them . They are dark brown and have a perfect little thick heel so I can run a marathon in them.
They are getting old and stretched out so I was on a hunt for new ones and TADAA
They are from office and costed 110 pounds but all I paid for 30 pounds.
They are leather so that is so good and I just love them.
They are really high , till knees and perfect to wear with jeans , all the jackets and dresses.

That would be it for my mini haul.
And I can not wait to pair up those stuff and show you how I want to make them work and look nice.
So yeah,

A bit of writing now .
I do not know how about you my dolls but I am a huge fan of youtube beauty gurus and stuff like that.
For about almost 4 years now I have been spending ages watching them and trying to make myself make some .
I know I would love doing reviews and hauls and tutorials on youtube and still having a blog ,although even tho I am a pretty confident person in real life , if it comes to that I lack confidence , haha , really do not know why.
So my question to you is, who are your fav beauty gurus and do you have a yt account?
I am ready to subscribe to new gurus so go ahead !


suzanne marie

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