Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've had these babies pinned for awhile now but never shared them.  If you're a follower on Pinterest, sorry if you've already seen these pins!  Some of my favs though, couldn't resist!

And by the way- are you not in love with the Christmas music?!  YES!

I so need to do this.  Can you ever have enough bathroom counter space?
Pinned here

Yes please.
Pinned here

I'm in love with this room.  Period.
Pinned here

How much fun would these be?  You fill up balloons with water and food coloring and let them freeze.  My goodness people are so creative!
Pinned here

This would be a cheap and fun ornament to make!
DIY at Martha Stewart.  Pinned here

Thing is, I bet these are delicious.  Because who doesn't LOVE marshmallows?!
Instructions here.  Pinned here

 Laundry soap and fabric softener.  Really?  Yes.  And I love it.
Pinned here

Do I even need to say anything here?
Recipe found here.  Pinned here

DIY instructions here.  Pinned here

I'm totally envisioning sparkles.  Lots of these babies with sparkles.  In something and on a table :-D
DIY instructions here.  Pinned here

We have so much fun over at Pinterest.  If you haven't yet, go follow my boards and join in the fun!


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