Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A hat fit for Icarus

When I'm looking to buy a hat top of my list of requirements is that by wearing it I could potentially blind someone close by. Luckily for me, Maria Francesca Pepe has designed a piece of headwear perfect for that very cause.

Although I am perplexed about the wearability factor of that particular piece, the rest of Pepe's collection is simple yet effective. I like clean lines, I like block colours and I like clothing with shape. This collection has all three. Inspiration is supposed to have come from 19th century French prostitutes, but I'm sure there must have been more ruffles involved back then. The seductive fabrics are due to Pepe's Italian roots, which is lucky really since the velvets and silks stop the cuts from being overly harsh.

I'm not so sure about the lilac lipstick - it's a bit Peaches Geldof for my liking - but the combination of the simple dress and geometric brooch makes for an interesting outfit. Effortlessly cool rather than being too showy.

This season is all about the shoulder, dahling. There's still a part of me that screams "Dynasty" everytime I see a shoulder pad, but as I personally am lacking in the shoulder-department I do feel myself drawn to the sillouette - just so long as big hair and dream sequences aren't coming back too!

C for Ciara...

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