Monday, November 28, 2011

OOTD - tell me about it , stud

I am really mad at myself that by the time I had a moment to take pictures sky got dark and we have 4pm now and night sky with bad lighting for pictures.
Hope those pictures are not too bad.
vest - TK maxx
neckles - gift from friend
nude sweater - h&m
jeans/leggins - h&m
wedges - zara

Those shoes were a real bargain from zara.
Super comfy , 3 x leather and half price last summer.
My favourite shoes ever.

I love that leather vest , but since I do forget about everything I did forgot to take a picture of the back which in fringed.

Last thing I will show you guys today is my new lipstick I have been looking for ages.
Since my lancome orange lipstick finished and may I mentions that was the first ever lipstick that I completly finished I have been searching for a new one. I found some on chanel alley but they were glittery , after quite a time of searching , on my trip to Tenerife I went to one of make up stores and found that baby. I asked women about that LOLA brand becouse I never have heard of it , she obviously recomenned it . And let me tell you , I love that lipstick.

take care xxx
suzanne marie

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